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Highlights of 2022

Our Mission.

The Al-Impics is a special one-day event which demonstrates the positive life enriching experience associated with the recovery process. By bringing together treatment providers, recovering individuals, local communities and community leaders, the Al-Impics promotes the societal benefits of community health through substance abuse prevention and athletic participation. This great event encourages recovering individuals to join together in the spirit of recreation and to strive to achieve their respective goals and contribute to their communities.

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“What an inspiration! It has been a privilege and honor to be involved with the Al-Impics since the early 1980s. Everyone is a dedicated team - providers, consumers, adovactes, county employees - all working together to celebrate the beautiful life changes for all of our numerous participants.”


Lauraine Barber, Former Alcohol Commissioner and
Al-Impics Co-Chair Emeritus


“I have been participating with the Al-Impics for over five years. My experience for this event has been amazing to watch the women and men engage in activities that promote sober fun. I like to dedicate my time for the Al-Impics because I know the cause is worthy and helps to change lives. As the Al-Impics time comes near once again I look forward to seeing the camaraderie between all the participants and different providers during this great event.”



“This was my first year attending the Al-Impics, I had a great time and found it very inspiring seeing all the people with the same goal, having so much fun!


Teresa Sabatino, Social Model Recovery System, 2012


“My first Al-Impics experience came in 1980 and I was amazed at the many programs that participated in this event. The week leading up to the event was full of excitement and anticipation, especially from the staff. Even the program participants were excited about being involved with the preparation and planning for the event.


On the day of the event, I did not know what to expect, but was very impressed with how so many people in recovery could come together in unity and love and have a great time competing against each other "sober". I left the College of the Canyons that day on a cloud and being even more committed to my own recovery than ever. I've had the pleasure of attending three other Al-Impics since then and it always touches me in an emotional way, especially when you see people you have not seen in years doing well in the process of recovery.


Valdorsey Aaron, Weingart Center Association

Many Thanks to our 2023 Sponsors

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